Your Guide To Pond Landscaping

Doing pond landscaping can be quite a challenge. If you’ve got a natural or man-made pond in your yard, there’s no reason to let the natural resource sit there like some depression that filled in with rainwater. Many ponds seem to only be sitting in the middle of a grass lawn, looking terribly lonely and bare.

These days, pond landscaping is becoming more and more popular, with beautiful, natural-looking materials that can enhance your backyard area and make it more attractive and pleasing to the eye, most especially if this pond landscape is placed to the area of your house made of glass built by Murphy Glass for instance, where you can see the beauty outside. You can make that pond look great, and turn it into a water feature that will only enhance your backyard. Spruce up that waterhole and turn it into a pond landscaping project – the results will be sure to draw you outside just to admire your own handiwork!

You’re going to have to make sure that the ground around your pond area is solid and stable. Pond landscaping will require you to plant some greenery and add stones to spruce up the area, so you want to make sure that the first rainfall won’t sweep your hard work into the water. Adding clay to the loose ground can help to keep the pond water from making the shore soft, and it will also give you a good ground base to work with. One possibility to consider for your pond landscaping project is building retaining walls around the edges of the bank, or even ones that go straight into the water, and you’ll be able to fill the space with good topsoil and compost for plants without fear that the earth will be washed back into the pond.

Designing The Look Of Your Pond Landscaping

Do visit other natural water areas such as natural ponds in the woods, or lakes and marshes. Bring along a camera, because the reason for your visit is to try and see how nature does its own pond landscaping. Pay attention to the slopes of the banks or how rocks can make the shoreline more attractive. Figure out if you prefer areas with tall grasses that grow directly in the water or ground-covering plants that creep down to the edge of the pond or lake. Do you like driftwood cast up on the shore, or small piles of stones that have eroded and scattered down with the weather? Take lots of pictures and bring them home to see what sort of look you’d like to achieve for your own pond landscaping project.

Try to map out your pond landscaping project on paper. Draw the shape you’d like it to be and write in where you want plants and stones to go. You’ll probably need to alter the shape of your existing pond by adding curves to the shoreline, or filling in places with clay and earth or stones. No matter what you do, always keep in mind that you’re aiming for a natural look, as anything else will make your pond landscaping stick out like a sore thumb. Visit greenhouses to discuss what types of plants match your image of the perfect pond landscaping project, and make sure to ask about heights, maintenance and spread.

You don’t want to buy a plant that will choke out your pond in a few years. Use your pictures to show salespeople what you’re looking for, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. With all your good planning, you’ll soon be out there doing some pretty nice pond landscaping!