When Is Tree Service Considered Landscaping?

When is tree service considered landscaping? There are two different types of services. A tree trimming business and an arboricultural firm. A tree trimming business is a necessary part of your landscape maintenance plan and is not a form of regular landscape maintenance. However, it is not as routine as other landscaping work, and landscape contractors may not have the proper equipment to handle dangerous equipment and a large number of trees. They may also cause damage to your property if they do not follow the correct pruning standards.

The difference between landscaping and arboriculture is significant. Although you can learn how to do some tree work yourself, it is best to hire a professional. While it is possible to prune and trim small trees yourself, it can be risky. Even if you are handy with a saw, you might not have the proper tools. Regardless of the type of service, it is crucial to hire a qualified professional. It is best to hire a qualified landscaper with the appropriate equipment and experience.

The scope of work a landscaping company does depends on the services that it provides. A landscaping company specializes in planting and caring for trees that are threatening the safety of others. A tree care company may specialize in removing hazardous trees, while a landscaping company may focus on horticulture. The scope of work a landscaper performs should match the specific services they provide. In many cases, tree service is considered landscaping and can be tax-deductible.

In order to be certified, a tree service business needs to meet certain requirements. For instance, an arborist needs to be trained to properly trim a large tree. A landscaping company may not have the expertise to handle these tasks, so it is best to hire a certified arborist for the job. Moreover, the company must have a comprehensive accounting system. Detailed accounting will simplify your annual tax filing process. It will also allow you to keep track of various expenses and sources of income. One example of a certified tree service business is Tree Lopping Logan Co that has been offering tree service to Logan, Beenleigh, and Gold Coast locals trust for Tree Lopping Logan wide.

While many people do not consider tree service as landscaping, the cost of the job can be high. In addition to a tree’s health, a tree service may also need to be insured. This insurance will cover the costs of an accident. A contractor may also charge a sales tax if a contractor does not charge for the service. For instance, a worker in the same field may have different equipment, and that means a company has to charge more for their work.

Commercial property owners require regular maintenance of their trees. A tree service business can provide this for them. In addition, these companies often have a low minimum wage and are easy to profile and deal with. In fact, many companies do not charge for their services, which makes them an ideal choice for commercial customers. They can provide fast and affordable tree service to their clients. It also pays to be easy to work with a company and can be very professional.

Best Landscape Lighting Ideas to Enhance Beauty of your Lawn

Though you maintain a perfect and healthy lawn, it is also important to concentrate on outdoor lighting to highlight your landscape design and to make your exteriors to look beautiful. Attractive landscape lighting is a treat for the eyes. Making it more eye-catching and driving people to take a second look at your lawn is what make your lawn different from others. Here are few tips, to make lightning of your lawn more special.


Maintain perfect distance

On the walkway of your lawn, maintain the considerable distance between the offset lights. Locate some lightening entirely in the garden bed and remaining onto the lawn path. First, have a clear idea of all parameters and then place the lights so that you can navigate through the lawn area in nights with enough brightness. Always, Keep in mind that, even moonlight gives little light at night to help you as well.

Mix various styles

Mix various styles and use lights of different colours to have a good eye-catching look. Regularly clean lamp surfaces and avoid dust on them. Also, check out the burned-out bulbs and replace them. It is also important to relocate the stakes if you find any plant growth has blocked or overshadowed the lamp output.

Use less number of lights but cover more path

Path lighting is one of the main things, you should concentrate more as it is something that is rarely done great and well. Though you adapt to low-cost stakes or low-quality fixtures, the placement of them is the main thing that changes everything. You can even use fewer lights and can cover more path by maintaining correct and required distance.

Add Color and Texture

Many people use path lights in lawns just as a visual aid in dark space. However, these path lights can even add colour and texture to your lawn if you place them, nearer to the beautiful plants. By this, you can enhance your garden’s charm after the sun sets. It is not required to light every inch of your lawn, it totally depends on your creativity to use them at required places and at sufficient distances to make your lawn attractive with less cost.

Moon Lighting

To make your lawn more attractive with moonlighting, you should place the lights as high as possible in trees, so that it gives the effect of real moonlight. You should climb nearly 30 feet to 40 feet or still higher and should place the lights there to get the most natural look as moonlight. Placing it as high as possible keep the fixtures hidden from view. If your lawn doesn’t consist tall trees, then it could be little difficult to achieve moonlighting. At that time you can prefer fireplace lighting.

Use cool light

If you consider the colour temperature, them moonlight stays on the cool end of the colour spectrum. it looks bluer than the artificial indoor lighting. For natural moonlight look, it is preferred to use colour temperature of 5000 kelvins. You can illuminate the patio softly by placing two moonlights overhead at the end of the pathway.

Best Ways To Take Care of Lawns During Summer


Lawn care at spring season is done to make them greener and healthier. Whereas, summer lawn care is done mainly to keep them perfect and healthy because in summer, temperatures soar and rainfall get reduced. It is also important to maintain a lawn in summer as you can enjoy games, barbecues, parties and many more enjoyable events that summer has to offer. Here are some great tips for maintaining your lawn in shape over those hot days of summer.

Just like humans, lawns even feel little bit stress as spring season go and summer season comes. The heat of the summer damages the greenery to a little extent. If you want your lawns to be lush and green during summer, then you should fight with nature by constantly continuing to water and fertilize. Even in summer, cool-season grasses such as bluegrass grow best until the temperature is 60s F. On the other hand,warm-season grasses like Augustine and centipede grow till temperatures are the 70s.
Once these temperatures rise to 80s and above, the lawns will struggle a little and mainly cool-season grasses will have the hardest time. Because of high temperatures, the color will fade and growth becomes slow. These all make lawns to show signs of wear and tear as flowers and trees are always less able to recover from stress and traffic. However, by understanding seasonal changes and by following few tips you can make your lawn to look more beautiful and to be healthier even in summer.

Never forget to water and make it wisely

As water content in the air becomes very less during summer, it is compulsory to water lawns perfectly. You should water wisely during summer. Lawns need one inch of water per week, and sometimes it may require even more when the heat from the sun is severe. It is best to rain gauge so that you can measure the amount of water received by plants. You should water the lawn deeply but less frequently. Watering them early in the morning is the best thing you can do to reduce fungal growth as well as evaporation. If your lawn becomes dormant or brown in summer, let it stay in the same way until it falls because it will recover as soon as weather changes.

Tips for Mowing

Mowing regularly is the main thing you have to do in summer. Taller grass will be more tolerant to drought. During summer, cool-season grasses like bluegrass should be mowed at least  3” to 4” or more till your blade go. Whereas, warm-season grasses can be mowed at 2” to 3”. It is compulsory to Mow regularly as it is not preferable to mow more than one by third of the grass blade at a time. Following these steps, keeps your grass healthier. It also helps to prevent the clippings from smothering the grass. While mowing, be sure that you are cutting the grass and not tearing it. It even minimises the stress that is caused because of high temperatures. It is also must to keep your mower blades sharp.

Tips to make your fence more attractive


When it comes to the landscaping, fencing is a vital thing that let you to mark your property and to keep a degree of some privacy. The fact is that fencing is what makes the yard feel like a little slice of pleasant home. However, at the same time, fences are also one of the less beautiful parts of a yard. But there are plenty of ways that you can add up the aesthetic to your yard by using your fence. Here are few tips to follow to make your fence more attractive.

Be wise with your color scheme

Generally, in the fence business, we can see a lot of white fences. When these are very common fences available, they don’t generally stand out as having any specific personality. As a fence marks the exterior of the property, it offers an opportunity to really give your home some aesthetic attributes that makes your entire yard look beautiful. So it’s better to paint your fence in a way that compliments the rest of your home. It is always required to take in to account, the color of your fence to complement the fence.

Bamboo Fence

The bamboo natural fence that consists full-stacked bamboo sticks framed and lined up with the stained wood could make fencing more attractive. Generally a base with concrete material anchors all the panels. Bamboo fences are of light weight and are beautiful and they provide enough light through to avoid the shadows. The light rich green and straw bamboo colors blend in well in any of the backyard, but especially if you have tropical plants and the accessories.

Finishes and Stains

If you select any wood fence, obviously you want it to look beautiful and last for years. To help avoid your wood fence from deteriorating because of exposure to heat,  time and weather, it is vital to seal it. Wood sealants and stains help to lock out moisture and it acts guard against the sun’s damaging UV rays. It also improvise the life of your wood fence. These stains are available in clear, semi transparent and solid, varieties on which you can choose the color you want.

If you wish to opt a composite material for your fencing, then chances are that you would not need to worry about any sealing or finishing of it and that is the main convenience part of these materials. Metal fences requires a coat of paint and also a primer coat often underneath. Professionals recommend an oil-based paint over latex for its durability.

Outer flowers and vines are always a great option

Normally, natural amenities look adorable in a yard. Because of this reason, using the vines and flowers on the perimeter of your yard could be an awesome way to add to the aesthetic of your fence. Also allowing the vines to reach up your fence will helps your yard seem more contained, and makes it more peaceful and natural.

Pick a durable material, in the first place

One of the main reason why a fence begins to look bad is that fence suffer from wear and tear, over the course of time. It is because that fence has to handle the destructive nature of the elements, year in and year out. The easy way to counteract that is to build a fence initially that is made out of a more durable material. In the long run concrete fencing can withstand the test of time and you may get assistance from Line Pump Brisbane to easily easily install this kind of fence. So that it will last longer before it starts looking as falling down.